We grant you a user–friendly and uncomplicated Databases Manager, bundled up within our Web Control Panel, from where you could make brand new MySQL and PgSQL databases right away. In addition, you are enabled to command all of their settings from the quick access made available to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools.

An Easy to use User interface

Be in charge of your databases with simply a click of the mouse

Supervising your databases is less complicated than in the past, thanks to the Web Control Panel interface for MySQL and PgSQL administration! Provided you do not have extensive experience of making use of databases, you will find it very easy to manage the Databases Manager.

You could make a new database simply by specifying the user name and security password or make a database backup with merely a click of the mouse. Also, through the Data Manager you will possess direct access to the administrator area for each database, which means you can quite simply update it.

Hepsia File Manager

Fast Database Backup

Back up your databases in just a moment

We’ve developed the manual database back–up creation into a simple job. To do so: inside of the Databases Manager, click the ’clock’ icon near the database that you intend to back up and afterwards wait around for a few seconds for the backup process to take place. With respect to the size of the database, the building of any back–up file can take somewhere between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You can make as many copies per database as you desire. We haven’t specified any limitations about the quantity of databases that you could back up as well.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Assured security for your personal databases

PgSQL databases are less common as opposed to the prevalent MySQL databases. However, they are a favorite selection for web developers who seek the uttermost security for their websites and web applications. Because of the intuitive Databases Manager integrated into the My Hosting Beats Control Panel, you can administer all your PostgreSQL databases with merely a click of the mouse.

You can find PgSQL databases provided automatically inside of the top cloud hosting plans packages. Assuming that you are with a basic hosting package, you can request PgSQL databases to be added to your hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh new face of MySQL

We have added InnoDB – the brand new default MySQL database engine on our machines. InnoDB is perfect for massive database web sites which require high levels of performance and scalability. Tests indicate that web sites applying InnoDB based tables achieve a 3–fold efficiency increase for very large joins, when compared with those making use of MyISAM tables.

InnoDB takes advantage of row–level locking as a way to remove the overall performance issues found at the high usage times of the prior version of the database engine – MyISAM, which utilizes table–level locking.

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Detailed Database Stats

Comprehensive statistics for all your databases

Via the complete database stats tool incorporated into the Web Control Panel, you’ll be able to make a record of the load produced from your active sites around the clock. Virtually any overload difficulty with your sites can slow the loading rates and have a damaging effect on the overall experience of your respective visitors. Therefore, by having info for the database work in real time, you are able to eliminate overload troubles quickly.

The database data user interface reveals information of the amount of daily, hourly and monthly queries, allowing you to evaluate just how the load is spread over different time frames.

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